Answering Hair Loss Questions

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I enjoy educating others about hair loss. I'm always willing to provide some facts, educational information and scientific backing to clarify one or more issues. Some patients ask questions on our website, some on Instagram account, some on Twitter and Facebook. People have really good questions about the diagnosis and treatment of an array of hair issues. Many times, I simply need to know more information from the patient and see the patient myself (to examine the scalp up close) in order to provide an answer. But often questions from the public that are of a more general nature can be addressed fully through these various online sources and social media sites.

I was informed that that I had answered 3,000 questions from patients on the website I have participated in this particular website for several years now, helping to answer questions from patients who have real concerns and real worries. It's hard to believe it's been 3,000 questions!

Dr. Jeff Donovan is a Canadian and US board certified dermatologist specializing exclusively in hair loss. To schedule a consultation, please call the Whistler office at 604.283.1887

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