Androgenetic Alopecia and Height

Baldness Associated with Shorter Height

Is there a link between the height of a man and his chances of developing androgenetic hair loss (male pattern balding)? 

Recent studies have suggested that answer is yes. Researchers at the University of Bonn performed an extensive study of over 20,000 men (10,000 with hair loss compared to 10,000 without hair loss) and concluded that many of the genes controlling male balding are also linked to being shorter in height.

The researchers discovered 63 genetic changes that increase a man’s risk of developing early onset balding. These same genetic changes were linked with a greater likelihood of being shorter.

This study confirms that hair loss is not an isolated phenomenon but rather controlled by genes that also determine one’s height and various aspects of health.



Heilman-Heimbach et al. Meta-analysis identifies novel risk loci and yields systematic insights into the biology of male-pattern baldness. Nature Communications, 2017; 8: 14694 DOI

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