Itching in Patients with Lichen Planopilaris: What is the Role of Stress?

Stress Intensifies Itching Levels in Patients with Scarring Alopecia

There are many factors to consider when a patient with scarring alopecia experiences a worsening of their scalp iitching. One must always consider that the disease itself is progressing and the itch is a direct sign or worsening disease activity. Other factors like stress, heat, and scalp injury and irritation from topical products are just a few examples that also need to be considered.


Many patients with lichen planopilaris notice their itching worsens during stressful times. This itch often responds well to a short term increase in medications (i.e. topical steroids). Many of my patients know to increase some of their meds for very short periods of time when the level of stress increases in their lives and the scalp starts itching more

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