What’s new in androgenetic alopecia research ? 

What’s new in AGA based research ? 


It is indeed an exciting time in biomedical research! Several companies are actively researching new treatments with the hopes to bring to market new options for androgenetic alopecia. Here are just a few of the nearly two dozen companies actively pursuing new treatments for men with balding. Some of course may apply to female androgenetic alopecia too.


Who are some of the key companies?

Shisedo, Replicel and Tsuji-Rekin are studying cell based therapies for balding. Follica is studying how specific therapies in conjunction with microwounding can stimulate hair growth. Specific molecular pathways are being targeted by companies such as Samumed (WNT pathway), Allergan (prostaglandins), Aclaris (JAK inhibitors). Cassopia is studying novel topical antiandrogens. Histogen is studying how factors produced by neonatal cells grown under embryonic-like conditions can stimulate hair growth.

New treatments for male balding could be around the corner!

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