The Speed of Progression of Male Balding


How fast does male pattern balding progress over time?

Today, we complete day 5 of our week long look at male balding by examining the speed at which it progresses. Male balding progresses at different rates. Most men who develop balding experience a slow and steady reduction in density starting in the front (temples) or crown. One can often detect a change in density every 1-3 years (patient 1 in diagram). There may even be long periods of time where there is no progression of the hair loss. Some men have extremely slow and almost undetectable changes in their density once hair loss starts (patient 2, green line). Some men have an extremely rapid course of hair loss, with noticeable changes in density every 6-8 months (blue line). More rapid hair loss can happen to any male who develops male balding but it is more common in men who develop balding in their teens and 20s. In summary, male balding progresses at very different rates in different individuals. However, once it does start it always moves forward.  

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