Pohl Pinkus Constrictions in Alopecia Areata

Pohl Pinkus Constrictions in Alopecia Areata

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Pohl Pinkus constrictions refer to periodic constrictions in anagen hair follicles that are seen in patients with alopecia areata. They are also called “monilethrix-like” constrictions as well because they hairs resemble the hairs seen in the genetic condition monilethrix.

The constricted areas occur because the hair follicle matrix (which produces the hair follicle) enters into a period of reduced keratin synthesis on account of the abundant inflammation present in the scalp.

Constrictions seen in the follicle remind us that the inflammatory activity was high during that particular period of time. Constricted areas are notably weaker and hair breakage often occurs at these areas.  The areas within the Pohl Pinkus constriction may also be lighter in color because of reduced melanin transfer into hair follicles as well.

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