Scalp Exercises of Treatment of Scalp Dysesthesias

Scalp Exercises For Patients with Scalp Dysesthesias.

The scalp dysesthesias are a group of disorders whereby patient have marked symptoms in the scalp even though the scalp looks normal. I’ve discussed this topic in several previous posts



A variety of treatment approaches are available depending on what is felt to be contributing to the symptoms. These include pharmacological agents (gabapentin, Lyrcia, amitriptyline, antidepressants) as well as scalp exercises to support the cervical spine.

New study supports the use of scalp and neck exercises for scalp dysesthesias

Abnormalities in the cervical spine and related musculature has been proposed to contribute to scalp dysesthesias at least in some patients. A recent study by Laidler and colleagues from Australia set out to examine the benefit of a series of scalp exercises with use of a series of scalp exercises.

16 patients participate in the study and performed a series os specific scalp exercises twice daily for 4 weeks Interestingly, 10 of the participants had a reduction in their sytmtpoms and 4 had a complete resolution. The remaining two patients had no benefit at all.

The Laidler Scalp Exercises

Interested readers may wish to review the paper and the specific exercises with their physicians.

The exercises included

1. Lateral flexor stretch

2. Trapezius stretch

3. Levator scapulae stretch

4. Cervical extensor stretch

5. Self rotational mobilisation

6. Posterior-anterior mobilisation


I was very interested to read this pilot study as I do believe firmly that these sorts of exercises can help many patients with scalp dysesthesias. Although this study is small and preliminary it goes a long long way to pushing forward more study in this complicated area of hair medicine. Interested readers may wish to review this paper and the exercises with their physicians and/or physical therapist. Interested readers may also wish to review our previous article on some helpful scalp exercise videos as well.


Laidler and Chan. Treatment of scalp dysesthesia utilising simple exercises and stretches: A pilot study. Australasian Journal of Dermatology 2018; 59: 518-521

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