Seasonal Shedding: What seasons do we shed more?

Seasonal Shedding: New Study Points to Summer


What season do humans shed more hair? A new study in the British Journal of Dermatology suggests the answer is ... Summer. In fact, the order of most likely periods to have increased shedding is Summer followed by Fall followed by Winter. Spring was a time of least shedding in this study.

This study was interesting in its design because it looked at Google Trends over time. Searches for "hair loss" were found to fluctuate according to season.

Seasonal shedding is important to remember. If one starts a treatment in Fall and notice by Spring things are better... one must ask if the treatment did it or would the hair have just gotten better anyways on account of it being Spring. The same is true if worsening is observed in Summer.


Hsiang et al. British Journal Dermatology 2017.

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