Irregular periods from Spironolactone

Irregular menstrual cycles from Spironolactone: What are the options?

Irregular periods are common with spironolactone. In fact, nearly 80 % of women will experience irregular periods.  There are several options to help regulate periods while on spironolactone. 


1. Use 21 days of the month

The medication can be used for 21 days of the month rather than every day. The 7 days off the medication should overlap with the same 7 days as the period falls. This would be the same 7 days as one would normally take the placebo (sugar) pills if using an oral contraceptive.

Day 1 is considered the day the period starts. Strictly speaking, individuals using this method would not use spironolactone during the first 7 days of their period (days 1 to 7). Spironolactone would be used as prescribed from days 8-28.


2. Reduce the dose below 100 mg

Irregular periods from spironolactone tend to be dose dependent. So the use of higher doses give a higher chance of irregular periods. Doses 50-75 mg are the least likely but may be slightly less effective for treating androgenetic alopecia. 


3. Add a birth control pill

Using a birth control regulates cycles in the vast majority of women. 

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