Spironolactone Shortages in US and Canada: Update

Spironolactone Back Order Mainly Affects Canada

There is currently a shortage of spironolactone (Aldactone) in Canada. I have spoken with representatives from Pfizer Canada and USA this morning again and the following are updates.


1. Spironolactone in Canada (1 866 532 8608)

There is a shortage of both 25 mg and 100 mg supplies Canada due to a backorder. The pills are not being discontinued according to the company. These are currently being preferentially released to hospitals as the drugs are used at low doses in heart failure and other medical issues.

By the end of October 2017, the 25 mg pills should be available for shipment to pharmacies in Canada. By early November, the 100 mg pills should again be available as well. For now, it is somewhat hit and miss. Some pharmacies have abundant supplies and others have none. Trial and error can often lead one to find a pharmacy with supply. 


2. Spironolactone in the United States (1 800 438 1985)

According to Pfizer USA, the generic spironolactone is being discontinued but the trade name Aldactone pills are still being produced and are currently widely available. 

My team or I will update as any further updates become available. 


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