How long will my "telogen effluvium" last?


I have been diagnosed by my dermatologist as having telogen effluvium.  I'm told that my hair might eventually grow back. How long does it take to grow back hair after a telogen effluvium?



Generally speaking, most TE will stop within 9 months provided the trigger has been addressed and dealt with. Some TE’s become chronic and continue for years. Fortunately, this is not common. Common triggers include stress, medications, blood test abnormalities (iron, thyroid, hemoglobin) and weight loss. Unless the trigger is addressed, shedding is unlikely to fully cease.

For many people with TE, shedding eventually stops and hair grows back fully. This is not the case for everyone. Two other “sequelae” can occur including the development of chronic shedding and coming to be diagnosed with another completely separate hair loss condition. Interested readers can review these concepts in the link below

Does hair density always return back to normal after telogen effluvium?

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