Good Hair Days for the Hair Specialist

The One Mandatory Requirement for Hair Specialists

Patients often comment about the quality and quantity of the hair in hair specialists they have seen in the past. I’m been storing and processing the information for a number of years now. I have a little storage closet in the back of my brain for comments and stories that patients share. The stories that patients share tend to be quite varied.

Stories and anecdotes that apply to the hair quality of the hair specialist typically go something like this:

“My doctor told me that I have way more hair than him and I just just be grateful for what I have.”

“I would never go to a bald hair specialist.”

“I prefer to go to a female specialist as they understand what hair means for a woman.”

“I don’t like going to her because her hair is perfect and she doesn’t understand what I’m going through.”

“A hair doctor should have good hair. Would you really want to go to a weight loss specialist who was overweight?”

“My hair doctor has experienced hair loss first hand. She knows what it’s like and that’s important to me.”


Hair and the Hair Specialist

The reality, at least in my mind, is that hair specialists need not themselves have good hair or be affected by hair loss to be a hair specialists - any more than kidney specialists have good kidneys or be affected by kidney disease or a heart specialist have a strong heart or be affected by heart disease. A mandatory requirement, however is a genuine desire to help one’s follow human with their hair loss concerns.

Practicing hair loss is about understanding what a patient experiences both emotionally and physically and applying one’s knowledge and skills to remedy the situation in the best way possible. A specialist with hair loss can be just as good as a specialist with good hair. A doctor with hair loss can become what society might call “a good doctor” or they can just as easily become “a bad doctor”. A doctor with with good hair can become either a good doctor or a bad doctor. The quality of a practitioner’s hair does not dictate the quality and sincerity of the care they provide.

It all comes down to a genuine desire to help. If the health care provider sets out with the goal to achieve the best possible outcome for his or her patient - the possibilities for the patient then open up considerably. If health provider sets out with the goal to achieve the best possible outcome for himself or herself, the possibilities for the patient likely remain quite limited.


Dr. Jeff Donovan is a Canadian and US board certified dermatologist specializing exclusively in hair loss. To schedule a consultation, please call the Whistler office at 604.283.1887

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